Google shows off Glass 2 with a mono earbud

Google Glass 2

Google has released a second prototype to the Explorer edition of Glass with some nifty features. Most importantly, this prototype now comes with a right mono earbud as an optional accessory for users. If users don’t like the look, they can easily remove it as it is attached to the device with a cable. A couple of images have been posted by Google showing this new design and while it looks slightly odd, it’s certainly a cool feature to have. The earphone has the standard Glass logo prominently visible, which gives it an appealing look.

The new iteration of Glass also retains the Bone Conduction speakers from the predecessor. Google has tried to make the Explorer program more accessible to the common public by allowing existing users invite up to 3 people to the program. Glass will also be compatible with sunglasses and prescription glasses in the near future. It still costs $1500 though, which is quite a lot of money to spend. We can expect a mass produced version of Glass to hit markets in late 2014 with a substantially cheaper price.

Google Glass 2 -1


Source: Google Glass (Google+)

Via: Phone Arena