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Google Reportedly Launching Native Google Music App for iOS This Month

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When Google launched Play Music back at Google I/O in May, it was originally for Android only. At the D11 conference later that month, Google announced that, “in a few weeks” from that date, there would be an iOS app released as well. That date has obviously slipped a lot, not even arriving at all in the summer.

Finally, according to sources at Engadget, Google will finally launch a native app for iOS sometime this month. Engadget is reporting that several employees have been invited to beta test the app internally, to catch and fix bugs before the app is publicly released.

Google has said that the reason they couldn’t release an iOS app because Flash was needed to have the proper DRM that music studios wanted. Finally, Google has overcome the DRM issue, so it shouldn’t be long before this app is released now.

So far, there have been unofficial apps like Gmusic, which has a fairly high rating, since it has most of Google Music’s features. Of course, this app will now be defunct once Google’s official app is released. Those of you on iOS, you will soon join those of us with Android to listen to your library.

Source: Engadget

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