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Google Creates Two New Ads For The Nexus 7


This morning, Google released two new advertisements for the Nexus 7 tablet, focusing on two very different functions. One focuses on the tablet’s ability to help you in school, while the other focuses on communication and navigation.

The first ad is on the usefulness of the Nexus 7 in a school setting. Thanks to Google Now, Google Search, and Google Books, it’s useful. In August, Google announced that in Google Books you can buy textbooks. Google Now can remind you that you have to study for a test in a few days, for example. Thanks to Search and Maps, you can find a coffee shop to help you stay awake late at night.

The second ad focuses on communication. It shows that you can use Hangouts to message people quickly (which we already know). It also shows you that the Nexus 7 is a great gaming tablet. Google Now can give you a storm warning (in certain areas) and tell you about your upcoming flights, thanks to Now’s integration with Gmail. Finally, Google Maps can give you directions to places through many different options.

These are both really good ads that are to the point. They will probably help Google this upcoming holiday season to sell more Nexus 7’s. So do these ads encourage you to buy the new Nexus 7 more or do you already have one?

Source: Google (1), Google (2)

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