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Galaxy S4 Mini for Verizon and Samsung SM-W2014 (aka Snapdragon 800 Clamshell) Get FCC Certified

You may have not realized this yet, but aside from avoiding a debt crisis and subsequent potential global economic fallout, the end of the 16-day United States federal government shutdown has also opened the floodgates for a series of rumors and speculations concerning unreleased gadgets.


Not as vital for the financial state of the world, yet probably equally as important (nah, I’m just kidding) for oodles of nerds around the globe.

That’s because the FCC is back at work and two of the first devices to get the agency’s stamp of approval on the heels of the shutdown’s end are Samsung’s SCH-I435 and W-2014. Do the two model numbers fail to ring any bells?

Then let’s call them by their “street” names: the Galaxy S4 mini for Verizon and purported first Android flip phone with Snapdragon 800 power. Oh, now I have your attention? Great, although I’m sad to say FCC’s internal docs reveal very little about the gizmos other than, well, they’re coming.


The SCH-I435, pictured already a number of times, including by notorious leaker @Evleaks with a very, let’s call it funky home button, supports LTE on bands 4 and 13, plus CDMA, GSM and UMTS on 850/1900 frequencies.

All signs thus point to the S4 mini being prepped for Big Red, the largest and most popular wireless service provider stateside, though you must remember a number of photos starring the device with AT&T and Sprint logos have surfaced not long ago.

As far as the SM-W2014 is concerned, the documentation is even lighter on specifics (at least to my untrained eye), albeit there is confirmation of GSM and CDMA support, plus Bluetooth and Wi-Fi a/b/g/n/ac connectivity.


As you may recall, after doing a little digging a week or so back, we’ve found some proof (mostly inconclusive and indirect however) that Samsung is working on a Hennessy or Galaxy Golden doppelganger with fairly modest 3.67 inches dual screens, a retro (read fugly) clamshell look but otherwise mind-blowing, top-notch specs: 2.3 GHz quad-core CPU, 2 GB RAM, 13 MP rear-facing camera.

That particular story is in no way confirmed as of now, mind you, so do handle it with prudency, care and a teensy-weensy pinch of salt. Not a lot, as it can drive your blood pressure through the roof.

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