Galaxy S3 Broken Pictures: The Possible Causes and Solutions to the Problem

Galaxy S3 Broken Pictures

Several users complain about having Galaxy S3 broken pictures or corrupted images in their Gallery app. This particular problem can be triggered by a variety of factors so we have prepared the possible solutions that you can apply to solve it.

Possible Causes of the Galaxy S3 Broken Pictures

The possible factors that may trigger the Galaxy S3 Broken Pictures issue are conflicting Gallery or Camera apps, outdated apps, rogue apps, or software bugs.

Galaxy S3 Broken Pictures Fix

Here are the possible solutions to your problem:

1. Soft Reset

Before anything else, try to do a Soft Reset with your device. This will help refresh its system and it will also help eliminate minor glitches. To do this, just hold down the Power button until your phone reboots successfully.

2. Clear Cache

Clear up the cache of your Gallery app using the steps in our previous article here.

3. Update All Apps and the Phone’s OS

Make sure that all your apps and operating system are up to date. Click this link to our previous article to see how to quickly update all your apps. Then, to update your OS to its newest version, activate your Wi-Fi or Mobile Data, go to Apps, select Settings and choose About Device. Next, you will see a Software Update option. Just tap it followed by tapping the Update command. After that, sit back as the download and installation of the new update is finished.

4. Disable or Uninstall Conflicting or Rouge Apps

If you are using a third-party Gallery or Camera app in addition to your stock apps, disable the third-party apps temporarily and observe if the Galaxy S3 broken pictures will still occur. Another way to see if the culprit is one of the third-party apps you have installed is by entering Safe Mode. From there, observe if the issue will still show up.

5. Perform a Factory Reset

After performing all the possible solutions and yet you are still stuck with the same problem, you may want to consider performing a Factory Reset already. Just don’t forget to back up all your important data because you are sure to lose them during this process.

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  1. Update all apps? That’s a terrible suggestion. it might break more than it fixes. There might also be changes in the apps that the user isn’t happy with, or worse the apps might no work require registering.

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