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Galaxy Note 3 teardown reveals materials worth $232.5

Galaxy Note 3

The Samsung Galaxy Note 3 has been available in global markets for quite some time now and in the U.S. since yesterday. And as with any new and heavily hyped smartphone, it’s quite common for experts to tear it apart and check for repairability as well as other aspects of the device. And it seems like Samsung has a winner on its hands as far as repairability is concerned as all the components were easily taken down. This is one of the areas where the poly carbonate body of the smartphone comes in handy. The teardown by Tech Insights also¬†revealed that the smartphone has components worth only $232.5, with the display and chipset being the most expensive components at $61 and $49.5 respectively.

With the off contract Galaxy Note 3 costing over $700 in some regions, it’s almost obvious that the company is going to make a whole lot of money with each unit of the Galaxy Note 3. Even if we account for marketing and the R&D costs of Samsung, it’s certain that Samsung makes an enormous profit with every Note 3 sold. This is quite common in the mobile industry which revolves around companies like Apple and Samsung, who have large profit margins from their devices.

Source: Tech Insights

Via: Phone Arena

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