Future CyanogenMod ROMs will get screen recording feature


One of the advantages of being hooked onto the custom ROM development community is that the users get to experience new features and changes which even stock Android doesn’t provide. One such feature is screen recording, which is basically an extension of the screenshot feature allowing users to record the actions of their phone in the form of a video. And renowned developer Koush will bring this feature to upcoming nightlies of CyanogenMod.

With this feature, users and developers in particular can describe the functioning of a new app or a bug in the form of a video, thus making it more understandable. This feature will also record audio from the microphone, which is perfect for demonstrations. This basically means that developers/reviewers won’t have to use a standalone camera to record videos of the functioning of an Android smartphone. This feature will be accessible by the volume up+power button key combinations. We’re hoping these features make its way to Android directly so that a majority of the users, especially the ones new to flashing ROMs, could benefit from this.

Koushik Dutta a.k.a Koush has demonstrated the functioning of this feature in the video below.

Source: Koushik Dutta (Google+)

Via: Android Beat