FreedomPop now offering fully free smartphone service


FreedomPop is expanding its horizon somewhat as it has formally entered the mobile services industry with its reach being limited to home and mobile hotspots so far. And FreedomPop has certainly caught our attention with its first set of voice/data plans. The carrier will offer the relatively old HTC Evo Design 4G with a completely free data plan consisting of 500MB of 4G/3G data, 500 texts and 200 voice minutes. That’s right, customers won’t have to pay a dime for this plan. FreedomPop’s network runs through Sprint, which has limited 4G coverage in the U.S. for the time being. And FreedomPop will only be able to access 4G WiMax and not 4G LTE.

For users not satisfied with limited minutes or texts, FreedomPop is also offering two other paid options at $7.99 and$10.99 a month respectively. Even with these plans, data is capped to 500MB but an additional $9.99 will give users a combined data plan of 1GB every month, it is said. FreedomPop’s pay as you go plans start from 25 cents per MB, so that’s not really an affordable option. It is a very restricted plan, as it offers limited data for the users. But for something this cheap and affordable, I don’t think a lot of customers would mind.¬†FreedomPop expects to roll out newer and better smartphones in the future.

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Source: FreedomPop

Via: Android Police