Fixing the No access to Google Play Store Problem

No access to Google Play Store

If you are experiencing no access to Google Play Store, or whenever you try to search for a particular app in your Android phone, you only get nothing or zero result, this article will provide you with the solutions that you can apply.

#1 Solution

We have posted an article in the past which is related to this issue. So, before anything else, check out our article titled, Galaxy S4 Play Store Problem: No Internet Connection, Try Again Later and apply the solutions enumerated there from rebooting down to the uninstallation of updates. But before considering the Factory Reset option, proceed to the next set of solutions first.

#2 Solution

According to the contributors in the forum of AndroidCentral, here are the other ways to solve the no access to Google Play Store issue:

a. Set Your Network to LTE

One user said that setting his network to LTE helped solve the no access to Google Play Store problem that he was experiencing. To do this, just open Settings. Proceed to the Connection tab. Next, open More Networks followed by selecting Mobile Networks. After that, set the Network Mode option to LTE/CDMA.

b. Check the Download Manager

Make sure that your Download Manager is enabled. You can do this by going to Settings. Then, on the Application Manager, select the All tab and look for the Download Manager. See to it that it is not disabled.

c. Reinstall the Play Store APK

Look for a Play Store APK file and reinstall it.

#3 Solution

If all else fails, you can now perform a Factory Reset. So far, this is the ultimate way to solve the no access to Google Play Store problem based on users who have encountered this. However, this should be done as a last resort. Then, do not forget to backup all your data before this because it will definitely wipe all your phone’s data as it reverts back to its Factory Settings.

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