First Images of Samsung’s Flexible Display Smartphone Leak

The first impression of Samsung’s smartphone with a flexible display have appeared, just a few days after it was reported that the company was readying itself to launch the phone this week as Galaxy Round.  Although we heard of smartphones with flexible displays when it was rumored Samsung was considering it last year, LG has over the past couple of weeks appeared to be leading in the race to release such one-of-a-kind device.  LG on Monday announced the world’s largest flexible mobile OLED panel and it may have been spotted at GFX Bench last week.


Samsung joins LG which is reportedly delaying its flexible display smartphone till November as among the first manufacturers to actually mass produce flexible displays for smartphones.  Up to this moment, we only had vague imaginations and a couple of exaggerated renders online to draw a picture of how a smartphone with such a screen looks like.  The images of an unknown Samsung Galaxy Android smartphone appear genuine – and the fact that they were acquired by @evleaks further legitimizes them.

There isn’t much about the phone itself though, but it is proof that the Youm concept designs that appeared during the 2013 CES is nothing close to the actual device.  The design of the phone based on the new images firmly places it in the Galaxy family and it bears all the identifying features of other Samsung Galaxy smartphones including the Home button and USB 3.0 slot.  Samsung announced plans to unveil their first flexible display smartphone in the coming days, most likely within the month, and immediately after, the moniker Samsung Galaxy Round surfaced out of Seoul.

This new Samsung Galaxy Android phone has a flexible display made from plastic and is 5.7 inches diagonally and 0.12 mm thick.  The display will bend around a circle with 400 mm radius.  According to a South Korean publication, the phone is estimated to cost 1 million Won which is roughly $930.

UPDATE: It appears the flexible display phone is a Samsung SM-G910S.  It is a massive phablet that will most likely have the same specs as Galaxy Note 3.

What do you think of the phone’s design and about flexible smartphone screens in general?

Sources: @evleaks via Android Authority