Drop test of the Sony Xperia Z1 reveals sturdy build quality but flimsy internals

Sony Xperia Z1

Conducting drop tests are a customary habit now whenever a new smartphone is launched, especially if its a flagship. With that in mind, the folks over at Android Authority decided to conduct a quick little drop test of the newly launched¬†Sony Xperia Z1¬†smartphone. The results were fairly convincing, at least from the outside. It’s pretty clear that Sony has put in a lot of work in making this a sturdy smartphone with the shatter proof glass on the back and front, combined by a rock solid metal chassis.

The smartphone is dropped thrice, covering all possible angles and there wasn’t any sort of visible damage to the smartphone, thus proving that Sony has a winner on its hands as far as design is concerned. But unfortunately, the smartphone refused to turn on after these drops and even if it did, it didn’t show anything beyond a blank blue screen.

So while the body of the smartphone is made with premium materials, the impact probably proved to be too much for the internals. These drop tests are only conducted to see how durable the smartphones are and it’s very likely that you would go an entire lifetime without dropping it the way it is shown here. But should you even accidentally drop your Xperia Z1, make sure you drop it with a case attached.

Source: Android Authority

Via: Phone Arena