BlackBerry removes the waiting list feature from BBM, now accessible for all

BBM for Android

The BBM apps for Android and iOS started rolling out almost a week ago on its respective app hubs. But there was a catch. Users who hadn’t pre-registered with BlackBerry during the initial rollout of the app, were put on a virtual waiting list before they could get access to the app. And now BlackBerry has decided to take off the waiting list feature altogether and make the app accessible for all. This was expected as the app has reached 10 million downloads on Android and the number of downloads is not as high as it was a week ago. The recent update to the BBM app brought compatibility with older Android devices, thus increasing the user count substantially.

Considering the general demand, it’s obvious that iOS has seen similar number of downloads for the app, but there’s no official figure available yet. So now that the app is available for all without any waiting, would it become less popular? Maybe not, but it will take a lot to replace the likes of WhatsApp, Line and other third party IM clients which have dominated this segment for a better part of three years.

Source: Google Play Store

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  1. Still not wasting my time. Now the vast majority of BBM users aren’t Blackberry users. They are Android and iOS users. Since both ecosystems already have plenty of cross platform messaging options that include most of what BBM was known for, it’s still too little too late. Most of the 10 mil that downloaded it will be deleting it over the next week or two. Guarantee it.

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