BitLock Turns Your Smartphone Into Your Bike Key

The traditional way to secure a bike is by the use of a lock and key. A new campaign over at Kickstarter aims to use modern technology to secure a bike at the same time allowing it to be shared with your friends. The project is called BitLock which is described as the “world’s first keyless bike lock” and uses Bluetooth technology to pair with an Android or iOS device.

San Francisco startup Mesh Motion is the company behind BitLock. A total of $45,668 has already been pledged with the goal of reaching $120,000 in 27 days.

Technical Specifications

  • Battery: Lithium-thionyl chloride 2.4Ah non-rechargeable
  • Battery life: 10,000 lock/unlocks (5 years with average usage)
  • Battery shelf life: 20 years
  • Product dimensions: 4” x 8” (10.2cm x 20.3cm)
  • Product weight: 2.40 lbs (1.09 kgs)
  • Shackle thickness: 12mm (0.47 Inch)
  • Material: Heat-treated and cut-resistant steel
  • High security disc-style cylinder
  • Protective vinyl covering

So how does it work? BitLock is basically a keyless lock. Once you are near your bike (around 3 feet) the proximity sensor will detect your presence and allow you to unlock your bike by pressing a button on your smartphone. Locking the bike is as simple as pressing the button again.

Several safeguards are also in place to ensure that the device operates smoothly. The battery used has a 5 year lifespan and can perform 10,000 lock/unlock operations. In case your smartphone runs out of power there is another way to unlock your bike and this is by entering the 16 digit binary code on the lock. This code is generated by the BitLock app and should be written down first.

BitLock also has several other useful features such as

  • Locate – You can track down where you parked your bike since the app records your bike location
  • Share – You can provide access to you bike to your friends.
  • Activity monitor – The app provides detailed statistics on your bike ride such as “how many miles you cycled, how many calories you burned, and how much CO2 emission you saved during the last day, week, or month.”

If you’d like to get BitLock then you’ll have to pledge $99 or more. This saves you $30 from its future retail price of $140. Estimated delivery date is July 2014.

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