Bendy LG ‘Z’ Smartphone Possibly Spotted at GFX Bench Under F340 Moniker

The age of the flexible smartphones is upon us, ladies and gents, and there’s officially no way to stop it anymore. Not that anyone would ever want to do that, given the kind of benefits a curvable, bendable handheld could bring to the table.


But who will be bestowed the honor of kicking the elastic festivities into gear? Will it be the mighty leader of the Android market, Samsung, with its limited edition Galaxy Note 3 Active, or traditional local foe LG, with a bad boy supposedly codenamed “Z”?

Hard to say just yet, though believe it or not, LG is in a good position to undercut Sammy… for once. A mystery device of the Optimus makers’ creation has recently been benchmarked through GFX Bench and while its model number looks too cryptic even for Sherlock Holmes at a first glance, a little digging makes me fairly confident this is indeed the Z.

For one thing, the letter Z is oddly prominent in LG F340’s system logs, making appearances in the Android OS build fingerprint, product, display and device lines, last of which reads simply “zee”.

Furthermore, albeit I wouldn’t really call this proof, there are only so many things the F340 could be based on its model number. Considering the recently unveiled Vu 3 is also known as F300 and the G2 top dog has an F320 alias, the logical assumption is the F340 is a more advanced high-ender in certain ways.

LG Z benchmark

So a G3, G2 Pro, Vu 4, Vu 3 Pro or the pioneer of a fresh breed of upper class LG gadgets. And there’s no way in hell work is so advanced on a G2 or Vu 3 follow-up already that someone thought it right to take it for a quick benchmarking spin.

All that being (apparently) clear, let’s see what GFX Bench reveals about the potential specs of this potential first flexible smartphone. You want the bad news first? Fine. The bendy AMOLED panel will likely not go all in on resolution and instead clock in at a modest 1,280 x 720 pixels.

Let’s not sugarcoat it, that sounds like a dumb strategic move for LG, who’s risking once again to be left in the dust by Samsung. On the bright side, this particular flavor of the Z (intended for Korea’s LG U+ carrier, by the by) runs Android 4.2 Jelly Bean and packs quad-core power courtesy of a 2.3 GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 CPU. Still, 720p? It’s as if LG is not even trying anymore…

Via [GFX Bench]