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Beats Audio will continue supporting several new HTC devices

Beats Audio

The much hyped Beats Audio-HTC split was finally confirmed by Beats last week, but there was still no clarification on whether upcoming HTC models (like the One Max for example) will come with Beats Audio tech inside. The President of Beats, Mr. Luke Wood has now cleared that up in an interview with He said that while Beats is buying back 25% of its stake back from HTC, the deal hasn’t been completed yet and it still has a commitment to honor. So he reaffirmed that several new HTC devices will indeed pack Beats Audio branding and technology inside. So it’s good news for HTC fans that Beats is not completely writing itself off from HTC, not for now at least. Here’s an excerpt from Mr. Wood’s interview with

They still have a 25 percent investment in the company, and additionally we still have a commercial deal with them, around the HTC One and several new devices coming out this fall. We have a large-format HTC device out in the fall – I don’t even know if they’ve announced it yet – so we’re still on that device. We learned a lot of great things with HTC. Right now I can’t comment as to whether that relationship will continue or not continue, but for Beats, it’s been very productive, because we’ve done a lot of work [on HTC phones] and I’m very proud of the way those devices sound.


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