BBM for Android update brings support for “additional Android devices”


BlackBerry has just updated the Android version of the BBM app bringing some bug fixes and much needed support for other Android devices. We’re guessing this will bring support for Android 4.0+ devices as BlackBerry has merely mentioned “additional Android devices”┬áin its update changelog and nothing more. With the amount of hype and buzz surrounding the app, it’s imperative that BlackBerry tried to bring this app to as many Android devices as possible considering the amount of low end Android devices in circulation out there.

The app started making its way to Android and iOS devices earlier this week with a waiting list feature which meant that a lot of users had to wait to use the app. With the app finally available for mass consumption, it feels like the buzz has gone down a bit. But some unlucky users weren’t able to download the app at all due to incompatibility with the Android version. So those users will hope to finally get compatibility with the app after this new update.

Source: BBM (Play Store)

Via: Android Beat