BBM for Android soon getting audio and video chat feature


There’s no denying that the BBM¬†apps for Android and iOS have created quite a buzz in the mobile world with the demand surging substantially over the last week or so. However, the app is still limited in functionality compared to the native BlackBerry client, as it lacks certain features like audio and video chat. But according to the Executive VP of the BBM division at BlackBerry, Andrew Bocking, these features will soon make its way to the Android and iOS versions of BBM as well. New features like these will make the app even more popular among users, thus helping BlackBerry regain some of its lost ground in the mobile industry.

He further claimed that the company has no plans of making the app paid, at least for the “foreseeable future”. So this means the company won’t try to monetize the app in any way for the time being. Making the app paid isn’t going to do the company a world of good anyways. But with rumors of an acquisition running around the internet, we can’t be certain of anything.

Source: CBC

Via: Android Community