BBM for Android rolling out “within days”: BlackBerry CMO


The BBM¬†app for Android and iOS has been delayed several times already, but it seems like the launch is finally nearing, if the words of the BlackBerry CMO are to be believed. Frank Boulben claims that the app will land on the Google Play Store and the iTunes AppStore by the end of this week. He gave out this information in an interview with Reuters, where he claimed the app will arrive “within days”. The company has apparently found a decent solution to the problem which caused the halt in the roll out initially.

The demand for the app was so great that the unofficially released app was downloaded over 1 million times by users, which while being a very positive sign for BlackBerry, also caused server related concerns for the company. We’re hopeful that the second roll out of BBM will not see any further delays, as the company cannot afford to disappoint users again. Going by the words of the CMO, the update should go live by this weekend. We’ll keep you updated with the latest on this.

Source: Reuters

Via: Cult of Android