BBM Claims To Have 20 Million Active Users on Android and iOS


BlackBerry Messenger is quickly gaining more users after being out for only a week. After getting downloaded 10 million times in the first 24 hours and dropping the wait list this weekend, BlackBerry has announced that BBM now has 20 million active users on Android and iOS.

That’s a lot of active users for an app that is only a week old. Before releasing a standalone BBM app for Android and iOS, there were 55 million BBM users just on BlackBerry devices. Now that number has jumped to 80 million users. That’s a lot of people to chat with, if you want to.

Personally, I’ve been using BBM very much in the last week. I have 17 people in my contacts and about a little less than half of them still use BBM. That’s pretty good that some users still use BBM. I’ve been using it as an alternative to Direct Messages on Twitter since BBM doesn’t have a character limit.

Besides announcing that BBM has 20 million new active users, BlackBerry also says they will continue bringing new features to BBM for Android and iOS. Currently on a BlackBerry device you can use BBM Voice and BBM Video for audio and video chats and Android and iOS users will soon be able to use those features.

Android and iOS users will also be able to use BBM Channels, a feature that will let users communicate with brands and other people. From this, it sounds a lot like Twitter, FaceBook, and other social networks. That should also help people continue to use BBM over the coming months.

The Vice President of BBM for BlackBerry, Andrew Bocking, has also said that BBM will remain a free service for the foreseeable future. That’s good, as people would probably leave the service if it became a paid service. However, BlackBerry may start to include ads in the service as a result. But if the ads aren’t interfering with the service, then I’m fine with that.

So, here’s a big congrats to the folks at BlackBerry. They finally launched BBM and people actually want to use it. So did you download¬†the app and do you still use the service?

Sources: BlackBerry via CrackBerry, CBC News

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  1. it is reasonable enough for Blackberry to give away BBM for free on Android and iOS platform…

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