AT&T Will Soon Offer FiLIP Smartwatch For Kids

AT&T and Filip Technologies have partnered to bring the FiLIP smartwatch to the U.S. in the coming months. The device is primarily aimed at parents who want to keep in touch with their kids. The FiLIP functions as a simple phone that offers direct messaging, calling, and location tracking to five preset contacts.

Chris Penrose, senior vice president, Emerging Devices, AT&T Mobility, said that “FiLIP is exactly the type of device for which we formed the Emerging Devices team at AT&T.  Filip Technologies is taking wearable device innovation in a new direction – going beyond the smart watch to solve a real problem for parents and make their lives easier.”

The FiLIP smartwatch is the world’s first smart locator and phone for kids. It provides all the basic functions that a kid will ever need to stay connected without the complexities of a full-fledged smartphone.

The four key features of this device include

  • Call: Provides a powerful 2-way GSM voice capability with a quality matching that of smartphones
  • Locate: Able to locate kids using different technologies such as GPS, cell tower location, and Wi-Fi triangulation providing the most accurate location information.
  • Intelligent Emergency: An emergency button triggers a location beacon, ambient sound recording, and a direct line to emergency services.
  • FCC Certified Antenna: The device has passed the strictest safety tests and FCC requirements.

An app that’s available for iOS and Android devices allows an account to be created which will then be used to connect to the FiLIP smartwatch.

The device also allows parents to setup Safe Zones and triggers a notification if the kid leaves the designated area.

Jonathan Peachey, CEO of Filip Technologies, said that “Our goal with FiLIP has been to create a product that empowers kids to explore their world while remaining in touch with those who care about them the most. With their extensive wireless coverage, commitment to innovation and excellent customer care, AT&T is the ideal carrier to help us bring FiLIP to the U.S. market.”

While no exact price has been set the device will not exceed $200. The exact pricing and service plan details will be announced in the coming weeks.

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