ARM Introduces Mali-T760, Mali-T720 Graphics

Mobile graphics will soon become even better with ARM introducing its next line of graphics chips. The company today introduced two new additions to the Mali GPU family namely the Mali-T760 and the Mali-T720. Mali is the most widely used licensed GPU today that’s available in premium high–end handsets and low=cost budget models.

The ARM Mali-T720 GPU is designed for SoC manufacturers that need to service high growth markets. It targets middle range devices that don’t exactly need bleeding edge performance. The company claims that this chip is 150 percent more efficient when compared to the Mali-400 GPU while offering a 50 percent performance boost. This 8 core chip with a 2x128K L2 cache is made to meet the needs of Cortex-A7, A12, and the upcoming 64-bit A53.

The key features of the Mali-T720 include

  • More than 150 percent energy efficiency increase over the ARM Mali-400 GPU
  • Faster implementations achieved through high routing density and a simplified design
  • Die area reduction by almost 30 percent while increasing graphics performance above 50%

The ARM Mali-T760 on the other hand is a high performance chip that offers as much as 400 percent more efficiency than the Mali-T604 GPU.  It has 16 cores which can be used at once and two banks of L2 (512K cache each). Its clock speed is rated at 600MHz for 9.6GPixels/s of fill rate and 326.4 GFLOPS. This chip is designed to work with the Cortex-A15 and A57 SoCs.

The key features of the Mali-T760 include

  • Increase in energy efficiency and performance of approximately 400 percent over the ARM Mali-T604 GPU
  • Scaling to 16 shader cores
  • Reduction of internal and SoC bandwidth utilization
  • Simplified implementation through reduced wire count and layout congestion for larger core count implementations, accelerating time to market.
  • ARM POP IP for ARM Mali-T760 GPU

According to Pete Hutton, executive vice president and general manager Media Processing Division at ARM, “ARM Mali GPUs unit shipments have increased by more than 10x over the past two years and it is the unquestioned leader in Android devices today. The Mali-T700 Series family builds on our industry leadership in balancing power, area and functionality while incorporating new energy-saving features at the high-end and matching the time-to-market dynamics of the low-end. This combination gives our SoC partners a competitive edge, without compromising on performance and energy-efficiency.”

In terms of market share Mali is found in more than 50 percent of Android tablets and more than 20 percent of Android smartphones.

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