Android 4.4 will feature new “Google Experience” launcher

Android 4.4 KitKat

We know quite a lot about Android 4.4 and the changes it will bring to Android as the frequency of leaks have increased over the weeks. And now a report from Android Police further sheds light on some of its new features. This leak states that Google is expected to launch a new launcher called “Google Experience” with Android 4.4. This new launcher will apparently have unlimited number of home screens with a dedicated home screen for Google Now. As the screenshot above indicates, Google Now will get an easy access reminder button on the bottom which will save a few taps for the users. Android 4.4 will also reportedly bring the ability to add unlimited number of folders and app shortcuts inside them.

These screenshots also reveal the almost confirmed transparent navigation bar which mixes well with the color of the background and the visually changed navigation bar which has adopted a new color scheme. It is said that Google will make this launcher available for all as an app through the Google Play Store, thus allowing OEM skinned devices to get a feel of stock Android. All these features will be explained in detail when Google announces Android 4.4 soon (possibly on the 30th of October).

Source: Android Police

Via: Android Beat