Android 4.3 Rolling Out To T-Mobile HTC One


After Sprint and AT&T HTC One’s have gotten Android 4.3 rolled out to them over the last few weeks, now the T-Mobile variant can join the party. Right on the schedule that HTC America president Jason Mackenzie tweeted last week, there is now an OTA update for you T-Mobile users.

Of course, you get the same features in this update as the other devices have gotten, including new video highlights, Instagram in BlinkFeed, and better control over the “home” and “menu” button functionalities. Finally, you can get rid of that ugly black bar in some apps.

Now the only carrier that still has yet to get 4.3 is Verizon. The Verizon HTC One launched with Android 4.2 onboard and it has some of the enhancements, but not all that are new to the other carriers. The Verizon One is due to get Android 4.3 by the end of this month, which is coincidentally next week.

So T-Mobile HTC One users, welcome to Android 4.3. Are you glad HTC is actually the first manufacturer to put out an official 4.3 update?

Sources: HTC America President Jason Mackenzie and the Android Central Forums