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Amazon Working on an Expensive and a Budget Android Smartphones – Report

In September last year, there was a persistent rumor that Amazon was working on an Android smartphone following the success of the Kindle line of tablets.  Amazon stayed out of smartphone news and rumors headlines since the rumor turned out to be false but it has made big strides as far as tablets are concerned – in fact just the other day the company made an official announcement of the  impressive line of Kindle Fire HDX tablets.

Amazon Smartphone

Earlier this year, Wall Street Journal carried leaked news of Amazon’s secret Project B  which it said was a moniker for an expensive smartphone that Amazon was working on.  It revealed that Amazon’s high end expensive smartphone code-named ‘Project B’ was actually the development of a high end smartphone that featured new technologies and features the most notable being a 3D eye-tracking interface.

Today, we learnt that Amazon is actually working on not one but two smartphones – an expensive and a cheap smartphone that are set to land on the market next year and this year respectively.  This has been confirmed by an alleged insider’s posting of the smartphones’ details online earlier today which match up with the details published on a WSJ report earlier this year.

If this is indeed true, then the expensive Amazon smartphone is a high end device with 4 cameras on its face that track the user’s eyes and adjust the screen images to give a 3D-like impression, just like iPhone’s impression achieved using the accelerometer.  The posting further alleges that Amazon was supposed to launch the device way earlier but problems with hardware and software caused its delay.

The expensive Amazon smartphone could feature actual object recognition – an image recognition feature that lets users search items on just by taking pictures using the phone.  It is not clear though whether this is an exclusive feature for the high end smartphone or a software feature that just requires the device’s camera.  There are other experimental features that may or may not come with the expensive smartphone including a feature that exposes new elements when the user peeks.

These tablets are expected to run on Amazon’s Fire OS, which is based on Android, just like the Kindle Fire tablets, but this has not been mentioned in any report.  Amazon adopted a market strategy to make money by selling content rather than hardware, so the cheap smartphone could cost something close to free and buyers may have to part with hardware costs to have the expensive smartphone.

This is about everything we know for now, we will update you when there are any developments.

Sources: Tech Crunch via Android Guys

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