AirCover Security Provides Comprehensive Protection For Your Android Device

Mobile security is one of the top concerns of anyone owning a smartphone or a tablet today. With all the recent news of malware striking Android devices it’s best to have a device that is fully protected. While there are a lot of popular security apps available at Google Play most of them have limited functionality in their free versions while their premium versions cost a lot.

BlueSprig offers one of the best solutions to Android security with its AirCover Security app that comes with the most features in its free and premium version. It has also one of the lowest yearly subscription rates for its premium version compared to other leading security apps.

AirCover Security can now be downloaded over at Google Play and works on devices running on at least Android 2.2. It has been getting a lot of positive reviews lately due to its impressive features accessible on its free version which is usually included in the premium version of other security apps.

The key features of this security app includes

  • Checkup: Easy one-touch checkup that protects against viruses, malware, spyware, and suspicious apps.
  • Anti-Virus: Scans every installed app and provides real-time protection.
  • Web-Protection: Protects you from phishing, fraud, harmful sites and malware. It also provides protection when accessing payment or banking apps.
  • Anti-Theft: Locates your device in case it gets lost. You will be able to back up your contacts even if you lose your device. You also send a command to sound an alarm on your device to find it easily. In case your device is stolen you can activate its camera to take a photo of who is using it. There’s also a data wipe feature to completely erase everything on the device.
  • Privacy Advisor: You will be able to monitor apps that display annoying ads and uninstall them. You will also be able to identify the apps that are collecting information about your device. Probably the best feature is that you can protect your calls from being monitored and eavesdropped on.

I’ve tested the premium version on my Android device and I’m impressed with the results. It’s easy to use, has lots of useful features, and what’s probably great is that it doesn’t seem to drain my batteries quickly.

You can check out this security app from the link below.

via google play

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