Xiaomi preparing to announce smart Mi-TV in October


Xiaomi is starting to grow out of its Chinese routes, even though we are still yet to see a device launch in Europe and US on the same month as it does in China, showing Xiaomi’s continued loyalty to the home-nation.

According to new reports, Xiaomi will be launching the Mi-TV in October, a new Smart TV developed with the company’s heavily-skin Android operating system, called MIUI. The MIUI OS has been customised even further on the Mi-TV, with a new design to encompass the larger TV screen.

The new Mi-TV, developed by the Xiaomi hardware division, will be a 47-inch TV with 1080p full HD and 3D options. Inside the TV will be the all too familiar Qualcomm Snapdragon 600 CPU, 2GB of RAM and 8GB of inbuilt storage.

Xiaomi will add s0me streaming standards to the Mi-TV, including Miracast, Airplay, and DLNA. The move to add a TV to their range of devices is not odd, considering Samsung, Sony, LG and other Android manufacturers have tried this before.

As we expected, Xiaomi will be keeping the Mi-TV in China and Taiwan and we will be unlikely to see it here in the West. This is a shame, because Xiaomi is apparently going to start selling the Mi-TV for 2999 yuan ($490).

Xiaomi will release the Mi-TV in October, this launch comes a few weeks after the Xiaomi Red Rice hit incredible success in China, with around 10 million pre-orders for the $139 quad-core smartphone.