Video showing BBM on Android surfaces


BBM is an integral part of BlackBerry’s survival, the company’s messaging service once ruled the roost, but with the lack of BlackBerry users and the company keeping the messaging service locked onto their phones, the usage has declined.

This year, CEO Thorsten Heins announced BBM would be coming to the two other major mobile operating systems, iOS and Android. The original plan was to launch a cross-platform IM client with basic functionality, but now it seems BBM on Android will mimic the original app.

Adding all the features from the BlackBerry app is a move that may benefit the company in the long-term, considering they are not selling BlackBerry hardware units very quickly; software adoption, ads and premium features may be a way to keep their company afloat.

New leaked video shows the BBM app in action on an Android device and it looks pretty similar to the BlackBerry app. This could be a serious contender to WhatsApp and Viber, the two services currently carrying huge numbers of users, with WhatsApp at 450 million downloads.

BBM will be coming to Android and iOS sometime at the end of this month, according to an executive who knows all about the new messaging service. New rumours say BlackBerry will use BBM and spin it off, in order to sell it later on when it gets popular.

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