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Verizon Moto X and Droid smartphones get partial root

Verizon Moto X Root

The Verizon Moto X and the three new Droid smartphones (Ultra, Maxx and Mini) have now been rooted thanks to a developer named Justin Case from TeamAndIRC. Sadly, this only gives partial root access and not a permanent solution. Users have been advised to stay away from downloading any OTA updates sent by Verizon, as this trick might not work with a newer firmware. Users still can’t flash custom ROMs as the bootloader is still pretty much locked, so the functionality is fairly limited even with root access. There is hope that the team might come up with a solution to fix the root issue on these devices, but until then users will have to settle for these methods.

Verizon has traditionally been against users playing around with the kernels or bootloaders of the smartphone, which is why it began selling “Developer Edition” smartphones separately. There’s no sign of such a variant for the 2013 Motorola Droid lineup, so customers are heavily reliant on third party hackers/developers. Motorola however will be launching the Developer Edition Moto X fairly soon.

Source: RootzWiki

Via: Phandroid

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