Unlocking Bootloader Of Sony Xperia Z Breaks Camera Functionality

One of the reasons why a lot of developers like Sony is that the company provides a way to unlock the bootloader of their devices. While not all devices are supported, most of the Xperia releases from 2011 and onwards can have their bootloaders unlocked using tools from the official sonymobile site.

The reason why people unlock the bootloader of their devices is that it will allow them to put custom ROMs in their device. This means that the stock Xperia experience can now be replaced with CyanogenMod, MIUI, Paranoid Android, or any other preferred ROM. Sony has warned that this procedure may void the warranty of the device. The company has also stated that “Sony can then no longer guarantee the full functionality of your device, and will not be responsible for any unsigned custom software.”

The Sony Xperia Z is one device that can have its bootloader unlocked however it is still not listed as a supported device at the sonymobile site.

If you own this device then be aware that those who have tried to unlock the bootloader have reported some issues with the camera functionality on stock firmware. Before unlocking the device the camera works just fine but right after they performed the procedure the camera does not seem to work anymore.

Some people might point out that the device isn’t listed as a supported device for unlocking which is probably the reason why the camera fails to function. However, the Xperia Z Ultra isn’t listed as a supported device as well but those who have unlocked its bootloader are not experiencing any camera issues at all.

One way around this problem is for owners to back up the TA partition of the Sony Xperia Z before unlocking the bootloader then restoring it after the process has completed to use the camera normally.

Hopefully Sony will come up with a fix to this issue soon.

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