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Toshiba TransferJet Sends Files At A Speed Of 375 Mbps

Tired of waiting long periods of time for your large file to transfer from one Android smartphone to another? If you own a Samsung device then the company’s S-Beam technology which uses Wi-Fi to transfer files is one of the fastest ways to do it. But what if this isn’t fast enough for you? Toshiba might just have the solution with their TransferJet technology.

At Qualcomm’s Uplinq 2013 Toshiba presented their TransferJet technology which allows data to be sent at a physical layer transmission rate of 560 Mbps with throughput of 375 Mbps. This is already a very impressive number considering that S-Beam can only send files at 20 Mbps. It works just like NFC; a person just needs to tap one device to another to initiate the file transfer.

Some of the applications of this technology include

  • Media sharing
  • HD video streaming
  • Data transfer between mobile phones and stationary PCs, as well as between two mobile/handheld devices.

Right now Toshiba has developed a USB and microUSB TransferJet dongle which can be used to attach to devices. The company has also developed MicroSD card with the technology embedded directly however it isn’t available to consumers as of the moment.

The press release of the company states that “Using TransferJet technology digital content is automatically transferred as a download or streaming through close proximity or simply by touching two devices together. There is no need for complex setup, device pairing or the use of access points. Data transfer or media streaming can take place between two portable devices or between a portable device and stationary PC, peripheral or TV incorporated with TransferJet technology.”

Toshiba hopes that manufacturers will be interested in this technology and incorporate it into their products. Adding this feature on smartphones may increase its price a bit but it will definitely make it very attractive to consumers.

Right now the USB adaptor is priced at $29 while the microUSB adaptor has a price of $25. This price is in 1000 piece quantities for developers.

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