TDG Answers: AT&T Galaxy S4 SGH-I337 Unable To Connect To S Beam / NFC

s beamThis post will answer one questions / problems related to the Samsung Galaxy S4’s S Beam function, which uses Near Field Communication (NFC) technology to transfer data wirelessly. There were several emails we received asking how to use this function or why does S Beam does not work the way it should be.

The following is one of the emails we receive recently:

I know that my new Samsung Galaxy S4, which I got from AT&T, can transfer files wirelessly through S Beam to another device capable of the same function. My husband and I have the same phone and we often share files like videos and photos. The problem, both of us can’t exchange files through S Beam. We’re not savvy but we want to enjoy the feature. Can you help us with this problem? Thanks. – Elizabeth 

Possible Causes

  • S Beam / NFC is not enabled on both devices.
  • A third-party accessory may be interfering.
  • The device is locked.
  • A third-party battery is in use.
  • Trying to transfer files that are not stored locally.
  • Trying to transfer copyrighted files.
  • Devices are not lined up correctly.
  • A software update is need on one or both devices.


Before we actually go to the step-by-step troubleshooting procedures, I just want to emphasize that Samsung’s S Beam / NFC functionality has limitations. They are as follow:

S Beam Limitations

Cannot transfer files that are not stored locally. The files you’re trying to transfer or share must be found in your phone’s internal or external memory. Files that can be accessed even without internet connection are the ones that could be transferred via S Beam.

Cannot transfer files that are copyrighted. If you are trying to transfer files you downloaded from content providers like Samsung Hub, Netflix, Blockbuster, etc., then you are wasting your time.

Devices must be active. Both devices must be active — they cannot be in the lock screen or screen off mode — before the S Beam connection can be made. When the device’s screen is locked or off, the NFC communication is turned off as part of the device’s security features.

Step-by-Step Procedure

Step 1: Make sure S Beam is enabled. Go to Settings => Connections => S Beam. Touch the slider to turn S Beam on. Do this to both devices.

Step 2: To try it out, go to your Gallery and select a picture to share.

Step 3: With the devices unlocked, touch the devices together, back to back.

Step 4: On the device you are sending the content from, the screen will show Touch to beam. Touch the content on the screen to start the transfer or the beaming process.

Step 5: When prompted, separate the two devices and the content will begin to transfer.

Step 6: When the transfer is complete, the content will be shown on the receiving device’s screen.

If the transfer is unsuccessful, remove all third-party cases, back cover, or sleeves from the device. Check for available updates and try the feature again.

Email Us Your Problems / Questions

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