Steve Ballmer makes ironic comment about Google’s search monopoly


Microsoft’s CEO Steve Ballmer has never been one to shy away from dismissing every new product from competitors and trashing their business practices and policies, despite it normally being an ironic or poor comment to make.

Ballmer attacked Google’s search monopoly and how Bing is the only search engine truly fighting against the Goliath. This is ironic simply because Microsoft has held a monopoly on desktop operating systems for three solid decades, minus a few slip ups.

Microsoft has said it has always been about user choice, but on the web with Google that is not the case, but we find this a little hard to believe and one step short of a pathetic attempt at making it seem like Google services are not just simply inferior to Microsoft.

Google does bundle their services together, once the user signs up with Google they get Gmail, Drive, Google+ and all the other services for free and the company works to make searching more relevant on this basis.

Even though Google Search may still be better than Bing on its own, the search giant has just worked harder to make sure when a user types in a query to the search engine it is answered in a more efficient way, with better web pages.

While Google may push to make sure people continue to use their search engine and other services, this is exactly what Microsoft do with their Office suite, OS and Xbox Live memberships, offering incentives to stay on.

Google does not have full marketshare and in some areas they trail against the competition, like in Russia with Yandex and China with Baidu. Perhaps this is due to Google not investing time onto countries with privacy and proxy settings, blocking it from the rest of the Internet.


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