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More Specs and Features of Samsung Galaxy Gear Smartwatch Leaked

There have been so many leaks of Samsung’s first Android Smartwatch dubbed Galaxy Gear, but none of the leaks has been as comprehensive and detailed as what we have come across today.  We learnt earlier today that the leaked images of the Samsung Galaxy Gear may not be images of the final watch – and we do hope so because the watches on those images were not as gorgeous as I would want my smartwatch to be.

Thanks to the folks at Venturebeat got their hands on some solid information regarding the smartwatch expected to be unveiled in Berlin later this week.  The new leak brings to light some surprising features and specs of the watch, including a camera, speakers on the straps and impressive memory.


As you can see on the image above, a very rough draft of the design of Samsung’s Smartwatch, the camera is positioned on the strap and the watch will have hardware buttons for power ON and OFF and possibly one for camera and Home.  Here are the specs of the Galaxy Gear.


Core Specs

Device Name: Samsung Galaxy Gear

Processor: Dual core processor 1.5GHz

Operating System: Android Jelly Bean (Possibly 4.2)

Display: 320 x 320 2.5 inch OLED touchscreen

Memory: 1 GB RAM, Choice of 8GB and 16GB

Camera: 4 megapixels 720p camera

Other specs: Speakers (on device Strap), Accelerometer, Bluetooth 4.0 and a 10 hr Battery.

You may have had a look at the watch’s leaked images, if you have then you will agree with me that the watch is both oversized and not the most attractive on the market.  Based on the patent drawings below, we can deduce that even if the published images of the watch are not the images of the final watch, the final design will look very close.  Other than these specs, Samsung Galaxy Gear also comes with a ton of features including Samsung’s S Voice for voice commands, an easy to use swipe function to make it easy and fast to access apps, photo gallery or built-in camera, call logs transferable from the phone, web access capabilities and integration with social media accounts like Facebook and Twitter and a dedicated power button.  The watch also comes pre-loaded with tons of apps optimized to run on the watch.

Samsung Galaxy Gear Patent Drawings

Do you think the Gear stands a chance in the smartwatch market?  Would you buy one?  Let us know what you think in the comments section below.

Source: Venturebeat via Android headlines

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