Sony Smart Lens revealed, capable of working on Android and iOS devices


Sony revealed the QX10 and QX100 Smart Lens at IFA 2013, the two new detachable smartphone lenses that connect to the users phone and take high-quality photos.

The Smart Lens connects to the phone through NFC or WiFi and will automatically upload the photo taken from the camera onto the smartphone. We are not sure how the megapixels will be balanced on a smartphone that renders photos to 4MP size, but Sony will work something out.

Sony said even though the Xperia Z1 won’t need the Smart Lens, because it already has an impressive camera, for a smartphone like the Galaxy Nexus it is golden. Sony will offer this out to all Android and iOS users, so they have a big market for photographers who want to go fully mobile.

The Sony Smart Lens is the typical mid-range point and shoot camera, both come with 16MP CMOS sensors, but have major differences in zoom and lens speed, amongst other small differences.

Sony will sell the QX10, the less powerful of the two, for $250 and the QX100 for $450. As we said, there are differences between the two, but for someone looking to only capture a better quality photo on their year-old smartphone, the QX10 may be a better option.

We would say if anyone is in the market for the QX100, they are better off just getting a mid-range camera for the same price. The QX100 will be a great camera, we can tell from early testing, but if someone is willing to spend $450 just to take better shots on their phone, they should grab a camera with WiFi and NFC, Sony just released a bunch of these.