Sony offering free QX10 Smart Lens with Xperia Z1 purchase in the UK


Sony’s two big releases at IFA this year were the Xperia Z1 and the new Smart Lens attachable cameras. According to Carphone Warehouse, Sony will offer a free QX10 Smart Lens with every Xperia Z1 order in the UK.

This is kind of a big deal, the QX10 is the cheaper of the two Smart Lens editions, but it is still worth £180 and for Sony to offer it out for free to every buyer at the Carphone Warehouse could be a huge risk.

We still do not know how much the QX10 costs to make and how much profit Sony is making per sale of the Xperia Z1. The price of the Xperia Z1 off contract is £564 in the UK and normally phones are made for about £200 a unit.

Sony could cover the cost but it would be a big hit to their profits in the UK – something they may be willing to take for a chunk of the market. Sony has been dominant in the UK in other markets, like game consoles, where they outsold the Xbox 360.

From what we know, Sony will only be offering the free QX10 Smart Lens in the UK with the Xperia Z1, elsewhere buyers will have to pay separately for the detachable smartphone accessory. The QX10 has a 16MP CMOS sensor, x10 optical zoom and some other impressive camera features.


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