Sony Mobile is bumping up security to stop product leaks


Sony has definitely been one of the worst Android mobile developers when it comes to keep smartphones secret, the Xperia Z, Xperia Z Ultra, Xperia Z1, Xperia Z1 Mini, Xperia Z2 and Smart Lens have all been leaked well before the official launch of the products.

The Japanese company is currently starting to add policies and warnings to all staff members that use internal units and are making sure every viewer has NDA signed before checking out their new smartphones and products.

Any employee with a unit must also make sure it has a protective cover, ensuring the design is not leaked out. This is the main feature photo leaks show and Samsung has been pretty impressive holding off leaks on the Galaxy Note 3 faux leather back.

Sony has to make sure NDA agreements are signed, while the photo leaks ensure nobody gets a good look at the design, the Xperia smartphone range has been consistent with the same well-built plastic back, specs are the main leak destroying any secrecy.

If Sony can make sure specs information doesn’t get out to leak websites and major newspapers, it will be brilliant for any upcoming products, with the next generation from Sony set to have incredibly high-resolution displays¬†and ultra-powerful phone cameras.

The two Xperia Z2 leaks have hit the company hard, with their flagship product just getting announced a few weeks ago, to have the next in the line specs already leaked alongside a photo must be hard for Sony.

According to the rumors, Sony will announce their Xperia Z2 at CES 2014, giving the Xperia Z1 a six month flagship lifespan. This is a little low compared to the usual yearly release, but Sony may be going full in to get more market share.