More Solutions to Galaxy Note 2 to PC USB Problem

Galaxy Note 2 to PC USB

Two weeks ago, I published an article titled Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Problem in Connecting Via USB which provides the things that are possibly triggering the Galaxy Note 2 to PC USB connectivity issue plus the solutions to fix it.

If any of the solutions provided there failed to fix the issue, you might want to try out the remedies provided by Dan Richard’s blog.

Solution #1 – Use USB 2.0 Port

According to the source, this type of problem is usually encountered by people who are using the USB 3.0 port of their PC. So, as much as possible refrain from using it and use the USB 2.0 port instead.

Solution #2 – Check the Phone Configuration

While the author admitted that this solution did not work for him, it did work on people who are encountering the Galaxy Note 2 to PC USB connectivity problem. All you have to do is ensure that the configuration of your phone matches the settings which will show up when performing these steps:

1. First, dial *#7284# (make sure that you input the symbols and numbers correctly).

2. After pressing the pound or number sign (#), an option will show up which will enable you to change your USB connection settings. It will display modem or PDA. Just select PDA.

3. Click the button that says Qualcomm USB.

4. Choose MTP + ADB in the option.

5. Press Save and Reset.

6. Wait as your phone reboots.

7. Connect the Galaxy Note 2 to PC USB (use the USB 2.0 port).

8. If your PC initiates a download or update of the drivers, let it do so. Then, once it finishes, disconnect and replug the Galaxy Note 2.

9. Click the USB symbol on the status bar of your smartphone.

10. When asked whether you want to use MTP or PTP, select MTP.

After the last step, you will now be able to see the contents of your phone.

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Source: Dan Richard Blog

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