SIGMO Voice Translating Device Allows You To Communicate In Other Languages

Imagine yourself having a vacation in another country that uses a language you are not familiar with but you are still able to communicate easily with the locals. This is possible if you use Sigmo, a voice translating device that is being crowdfunded over at Indiegogo. It clips on easily to any Android or iOS device and translates two different languages.

There is still 24 days to reach the $15,000 goal but as of this writing the pledges have already reached $115,274 from supporters. This goes to prove that a lot of people find this device useful. A contribution of at least $50 allows you to own a Sigmo plus a stainless steel clip and a neck strap with an estimated delivery date of January next year. Shipping worldwide is free of charge.

Sigmo works by translating two languages simply by the touch of a button. You will need to pair it first with an Android or iOS smartphone via Bluetooth to set the native language and the language to translate to. There are currently 25 languages supported right now which are as follows English (US), English (UK), English (Australia), English (Canada), Spanish (Spain), Spanish (United States), Spanish (Mexico), French (France), French (Canada), Finish, German, Italian, Japanese, Chinese (China), Mandarin and Cantonese(Taiwan / Hong Kong), Catalan, Korean, Dutch, Norwegian, Swedish, Danish, Portuguese (Portugal), Portuguese (Brazil), Polish, Russian, Arabic, Indonesian, Hebrew, Czech, Turkish, African, Malay, Croatian, Thai, Greek, Bulgarian, Turkish, Slovak, Hungarian, Ukranian, Hindi.

We all know that using a Bluetooth connection can easily drain a smartphone battery. This is why the Sigmo app runs in the background which allows for a minimal amount of battery consumption.

sigmo 2

Right now an Internet connection is required for the voice translation service to work. It does not even need a high speed connection as it only uses a small amount of Internet traffic. An offline translation feature will become available soon which allows the device to work even without a data connection.

Aside from translating languages the device can also be used by a person to learn new languages. The 3.5mm jack allows anyone to connect a headset and learn foreign languages.

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