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Seagate announces 500GB storage module for Android devices

Seagate 500GB

Seagate has just announced a new 500GB storage module for Android tablets. The company mentions that this hard drive will come with all the bells and whistles of a standard flash storage module used in mobile devices today.

Most Android OEMs provide either 16 or 32GB (or 64GB in rare cases) of flash storage. But Seagate’s offering could practically change that and pave the way for Android tablets to be used as actual computers. This hard drive is 2.5 inches in size and has a thickness of 5mm, which is great for an internal storage module. The hard drive will come with “Zero Gravity Sensor” as well which keeps your data safe in the event of drops.

Seagate 500GB

With this hard drive, users will be able to save over 62 hours of HD video, 100,000 images and 125,000 songs, which is beyond our imagination at this point. We’re hoping to see this hard drive go into mass production pretty soon, so that manufacturers can try it out with future tablets.

Source: Business Wire

Via: Android Community

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