Samsung wants to sell 2-3 Galaxy Gear’s for every 10 Galaxy Note 3 units


Samsung is not hugely optimistic on the early success of the Galaxy Gear, saying they hope to sell about two to three units per 10 units of the Galaxy Note 3 sold. With the original Galaxy Note flogging a good twenty million units and the Galaxy Note 2 exceeding the original, Samsung may have sights set on hitting the forty million barrier with the Galaxy Note 3.

This means Samsung can see the Galaxy Gear selling at least a few million units, quite an optimistic approach considering the failure of past smartwatches and the lack of enthusiasm from Sony, another company that just launched a smartwatch.

The Galaxy Gear is a unique product with a 1.63-inch touchscreen, cellular capabilities, wrist-band camera and seventy apps before the end of September. Samsung has also build the smartwatch to look nice, with a metal front design and different color rubber bands.

Price may be a big issue for some buyers, with the tablet market ranging from anything between $159 and $999. The Galaxy Gear is $299 and comes with some mediocre specs, but early testers report lag and poor battery performance.

We can see Samsung advertising the Galaxy Gear, getting it on all the posters around NYC. The question is will it be enough to start a trend or do we need to wait for Apple or another potential contender like Google or Amazon to set the smartwatch trend.


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