Samsung starts roll out of Android 4.2.2 for the Galaxy Tab 2 10.1

Galaxy Tab 2 10.1

Samsung has just begun rolling out the Android 4.2.2 update for the Galaxy Tab 2 10.1 tablet from 2012. It’s good to see the company rolling out the update despite launching newer tablets like the Galaxy Tab 3. The update seems to have gone live only for the Wi-Fi variants for the time being, with no word on the cellular variants just yet.

The update as one would expect, fixes quite a few bugs and introduces a plethora of new features. There will be some noticeable differences compared to Android 4.1 so Samsung has published the full change log.

  • New lock screen style: electronic gadgets
  • Added display the battery meter in the status bar options
  • New sleep mode switch
  • Quick Settings panel: use two-finger gestures with 12 sliding open the Notifications panel fast setting
  • AE / AF lock: Long tap the screen shot on the screen to start the exposure / focus lock function
  • Video Highlights living micro film: With 12 kinds of styles of music themes, automatically edited into a stunning 30 seconds video
  • Music Channel: You can view the lyrics and music visualization screen * (* support content based on actual lyrics database shall prevail)
  • Support more Chinese words

The update has been spotted in Australia as of now, but it should hit other regions of the globe in a matter of few days.

Source: XDA Developers

Via: Cult of Android

10 Replies to “Samsung starts roll out of Android 4.2.2 for the Galaxy Tab 2 10.1”

  1. Flashplayer android version was stopped by adobe. This means there won’t be any more bug fixes or anything else for it. You could try installing another browser and see if you have any luck then. if not, try contacting Samsung about the internet crashing (not about the flash player part, as they are most likely to say what I said about flash player)

  2. …It did tell you to back up your data. It told me to back up mine (which I didn’t, yet nothing had gone missing) Though I will admit it was annoying when I had to re-add my weather widget and have less backgrounds. The paranorma is better than android 4.1 so it isn’t so much a downgrade.

  3. What a DOWNGRADE. Why move my back icon from the left side to right? I hate the”tray”. And thanks so much for killing my 5 home screens that were all set up with icons for my 5 “groups”. Now I have 3 empty screens. Really unbelievable.

  4. It has messed up my keyboard. If I press the down arrow to close the keyboard, all it does is scroll through rows of suggested or memorized words, it doesn’t close the keyboard. A real pain!

  5. Don’t know about anyone else but since this update I can no longer use Adobe Flashplayer as internet just crashes. Have updated Flashplayer to a later version but still no luck. Any suggestions to rectify this would be appreciated.

  6. I fucking hate this update!!!!!!!! Where the fuck is my snapshot button? Oh right power/vol down at the same time -_- I dont need set apps on the bottom of my screen this isn’t piece of shit apple. I really loved this tablet but this update sucks. I also dont like how every letter on the keyboard has to have a freakin symbol!!!! Useless update. Some features are ok but not enough to keep me interested.

  7. I have to agree. Well, it sped up once all the apps updated to match, but I find the TouchWiz compliment to 4.2.2 to be decidedly ugly. I don’t like the notification icons sitting on top of the desktop, and now I have… a tray? My tablet now looks like a blown up smartphone screen. I’m not sure I understand this.

  8. The update SUCKS! It’s harder to use…no faster…and most importantly…doesn’t have multi-user. Gee, thanks Samsung for making my mediocre device even less useful.

  9. They are rolling out in the U.S. as well. I’m in California and received my update at approximately 0800 PDT.

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