Samsung speaks out about region locked Galaxy Note 3 smartphones

Galaxy Note 3 Lock

It was reported yesterday that Samsung was region locking Galaxy Note 3 smartphones made in Europe, which resulted in European variants of the unlocked Note 3 not working elsewhere. Most countries of the world already has the Galaxy Note 3¬†while some don’t, so it’s quite obvious that eager fans would want to import devices from Europe or other continents.

But with region locking, the smartphone is rendered useless if used anywhere other than the source country. And now Samsung has acknowledged the issue and explained how to evade this new system. Here’s a translated version of what Samsung had to say – “If purchased in the European Union and not yet been put into use to be activated for the first time abroad, users can unlock their device for the region free from local Samsung service partners“.

While that appears to sound like a decent solution and a warning for potential buyers, Samsung strangely has refrained from explaining why such a system is in place. We’re eagerly looking forward to hearing more about this from Samsung in the coming days. So stay away from imported Galaxy Note 3 smartphones until then.

Source: All About Samsung (Translated)

Via: Pocketnow