Samsung sold more Galaxy S3 than S4 units in the Middle East


Samsung has a magnitude of smartphones to choose from, but the main focus continues to be on the two flagship devices, the Galaxy S3 and Galaxy S4, with the South Korean electronics giant raking in 70 million smartphone sales in Q1 2013.

In the Middle East, Samsung sold more Galaxy S3 than Galaxy S4 units in Q3. This is a problem for Samsung, who wants their flagship product to be the best-seller. Nokia continues to dominate this smartphone market with around 40% of the market share, with Samsung behind with around 20% and Apple even further behind.

The cheap price of the Galaxy S3 compared to the S4 is something to take into consideration, when a user looks at both the smartphones, there is no real difference in functionality between both, the Galaxy S4 is just more powerful.

For users who only want a great smartphone, the Galaxy S3 is still brilliant – with many reviewers still keeping it in their top five smartphones out right now. The Galaxy S4 feels more like a internal upgrade, with some additional software features more gimmicky than useful.

This figure does not look the same elsewhere, in the US, Europe and Asia the Galaxy S4 has sold more than the Galaxy S3 this quarter and Samsung has been pushing the sales of its latest flagship for some time now, grabbing approximately 25 million sales.