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Samsung has sold over 38 million Galaxy Note smartphones

Galaxy Note 3

Samsung has just breached a new milestone by surpassing the 38 million sales mark for the two Note smartphones (Galaxy Note and Galaxy Note II). Samsung did not give out specific numbers though. The good news was given out by Samsung’s own JK Shin and he expressed optimism about the future of the recently launched Galaxy Note 3 smartphone. He said the smartphone should sell over 10 million units, which doesn’t seem like a large estimate.

The success of the Galaxy Note smartphones is quite remarkable since it wasn’t well received when Samsung first announced it, with size being a major concern for most. However, Samsung has pretty much changed the perception of the people as far as size is concerned and has implemented the same ideology with the Galaxy Note 3. The Note 3 while packing a substantially larger display, isn’t exactly bigger than its predecessor. Samsung believes the Galaxy Note 3 will sell better than its predecessors, which is almost a given at this point.

Source: ET News (Translated)

Via: GSM Arena

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