Samsung Launches High Security Version Of Galaxy S III In Germany, Costs €1,700

Samsung has just released a new variant of the Samsung Galaxy S III in Germany that comes with a high security feature. It is reportedly more secure than devices with Samsung’s Knox security solution which has been approved recently by the United States Department of Defense.

The high security version of the device is called SiMKo 3, costs €1,700 or roughly $2255 and comes with a two year contract. This model uses SiMKo security technology that makes it very secure. Sammobile explains this technology as “Basically, SiMKo contains something called the L4 microkernel, which has only around 10,000 lines of code and provides a limited and secure environment for running a few apps, similar to KNOX. When that secure environment isn’t needed, users can simply switch to the standard Android OS, with data between the two environments separated as necessary.”

The device also comes with an option or owners to switch to the regular version of Android when the more secure environment is not needed. The data of the two environments are separated. Right now it isn’t available to the regular consumers and is only offered to businesses and government agencies.

Dongmin Kim, President of Samsung Electronics Germany  said that “thanks to extensive cooperation between the SiMKo 3 project team and our development department, together we have managed to bring a high-security smartphone based on the GALAXY S3 to market. Customers who have exacting security requirements can now use one of the most successful smartphones in Germany as a mobile work device. As the market leader, we are committed to taking secure telephony and data transmission forward.”

The SiMKo security technology is developed by Deutsche Telekom in partnership with companies based in Germany. Certgate supplied the crypto cards while NCP made sure that the connections are encrypted. Both companies are based in Nuremberg. Dresden Technical University, Dresden start-up Kernkonzept, Telekom Innovation Laboratories and Berlin start-up Trust2Core jointly developed the L4 microkernel system used by the device.

via sammobile

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