Samsung KNOX now available to certain high-end consumers


Early in 2013, Samsung decided it was time to step into the enterprise world, to compete with BlackBerry and grab some big agency contracts. Within 12 months, they have already grabbed a few big contracts from US agencies and pushed BlackBerry down in yet another mobile market.

Samsung is now ready to launch the Samsung KNOX security suite for consumers, filled with new security features to make the user’s Android smartphone even safer. Some users still do not understand the need for security on a smartphone, but with the number of malware and other dangerous viruses growing everyday, it is better to be safe than sorry.

KNOX has a containment folder allowing enterprise workers to store information, secure message and complete tasks. Various applications will run inside the Samsung KNOX folder and will not work with applications outside the containment folder, maintaing secure lines at all times.

Samsung will launch Samsung KNOX on all new high-end devices – including the Galaxy Note 3 and Galaxy Note 10.1 2014 Edition. Samsung recently penned a deal with Lookout, a very popular free anti-virus app for Android, making it available for all users with Samsung KNOX security suite.

With Samsung’s lacklustre app and software development on the consumer end, we are surprised to see big contracts going to the South Korean mobile giant. The company does not come across as one that can make secure apps, never-mind apps that function well and serve and actual purpose.