Samsung not too interested in the fingerprint scanner technology

Fingerprint Scanner

According to a Samsung executive cited by¬†The Korea Herald, the company isn’t developing the fingerprint scanner technology as of now. However, this doesn’t rule out future implementation. But since fingerprint scanning technology is not really mastered with Android, we might not see it happening anytime soon.

But for those keen enough to see this feature on Android, HTC is rumored to be launching the One Max phablet with a fingerprint scanner. We’re not sure how deep the integration will be, but it will be something to look forward to. The Korean report further claims that there are some companies within South Korea which are developing the said technology. So if Samsung were to look to bring in such a feature for its future smartphones, it might not have to look far away.

We have seen the fingerprint scanner being implemented on the iPhone 5s (known as the TouchID sensor), but its usability is very restricted for the time being. With Android, these limits could be stretched.

Source: The Korea Herald

Via: Android Beat