Samsung Galaxy S4 Says ‘Waiting On Network’ When Downloading Play Store Apps

The “Waiting on network” error message happens only when a user is on 4G network (mobile data) and trying to download apps. Based on reports from users who encountered this issue, the problem is recurring and happens randomly. There was a time when this problem has become so common to Sprint (a U.S. carrier) subscribers, although there were also testimonies from other major carriers. The point is, it could happen to anyone who uses 4G network.

This problem has already been reported to Google, in fact, it was listed under Known Issues. According to company’s technicians, the problem is not in the software but in the network. There weren’t any resolutions given but an assurance that they are closely working with carriers so Android can work smoothly on any network.

I was able to talk to a friend of mine, an XDA developer who builds third-party ROMs, about the problem. According to him, the problem could be caused a busy or congested network. But in the U.S., there is always room for subscribers so network congestion is unlikely.

A busy network could be caused by the following:

  • Tower upgrade.
  • 4G network down.
  • Account not in good standing.

For this problem, there is nothing much you can do to resolve the issue. Just wait a few minutes or hours to see if the carrier can fix the issue. You may call your provider’s technical support for help or to answer your questions. You should also consult with the account department to know if your account is currently in good standing. If the problem persists and you badly need to download an app, we advise you to use 3G or WiFi instead.

Any carrier couldn’t afford to let this problem continue as it will greatly affect its subscribers’ satisfaction not to mention it’s a loss to their profit.

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