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Samsung Galaxy S4 Running on Tizen 3.0 OS Spotted

To some extent, it would be correct to say that Samsung is currently the biggest beneficiary of the Android operating system and platform because the company has sold more devices running on the operating system than any other manufacturer in the world.  Samsung, we also hear, is not investing its future in Android; we know that Samsung has its own mobile devices operating system called Tizen, a system that Samsung says ‘is just an alternative to Android’.  Samsung has not released any devices powered by Tizen yet, so it would be a huge surprise to see the manufacturer’s flagship smartphone, the Samsung Galaxy S4 running on Tizen and not Android as we have today.

Samsung Galaxy S4 Tizen 3.0

Samsung is expected to release the first device running on Tizen in October (next month) according to the guys at Ubergizmo, but this is just a rumor.  Samsung is widely expected to share all the details about the company’s own homegrown operating system, especially now that the images of the Galaxy S4 powered by the system shows that it is already at version 3.0.  There was a rumor doing rounds in mid-last year that Samsung was going to unveil Tizen 2.0 but it hasn’t happened – perhaps Samsung will unveil Tizen 3.0 in 2014, but not much is known about it.

Since Samsung failed to launch a Tizen smartphone this year as it was rumored in February, could it be shelving the project and in the meantime ride the ever-rising popularity of Google’s Android operating system and occasionally a device running on Microsoft’s Windows Phone.  Recently, there was a report that Samsung’s co-CEO ordered the delay of Tizen for further improvement – so it is possible there are plans on the pipeline to start making Tizen devices.  There have been other alternative operating systems released over the past couple of years but so far, Mozilla Firefox seems to be the only to make headway into the market.

Even so, what are the chances of Samsung fully switching to their own operating system?  Samsung is the leading Android devices manufacturer and although Tizen appears to be more of a fall-back plan, we expect to see high end devices with running on the new OS sometime soon.  What we cannot tell, however, is whether the company will bring us a Samsung Galaxy S4 variant running Tizen – like the one in the image.

Let’s wait and see what Samsung has in store for us.

 Via Ubergizmo

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