Samsung Galaxy S4 Remains in Drive Mode After Leaving Car

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Currently, there are so many Samsung Galaxy S4 users who are bothered with the task of switching their units from Drive Mode to the normal mode every time they leave their cars. This is because the phone remains in Drive Mode even when the user has already left the car. As a result, many Galaxy S4 users have been asking us if there is a way to automate this feature in order to eliminate the need to manually enter or exit Drive Mode.

How to Trigger the Galaxy S4 Drive Mode Automatically

There are many ways to automatically turn on and off the Galaxy S4 Drive Mode when entering or leaving the car. Basically, there are many apps that can do this which can be found in the Google Play store like Tasker and NFC Task Launcher.

Tasker comes preinstalled in some phones and it is very easy to use. It also functions together with other reliable car plugins like Bluetooth Auto Connect (also found in Google Play store). With a little configuration, you will be able to trigger Drive Mode automatically as well as connect to the car’s Bluetooth device instantly. Tasker even has its own Wiki site where you can learn how to toggle with its various configurations.

On the other hand, NFC Task Launcher is a free app and its interface is also very quick to understand even for beginners. You can easily set up its configuration to let your Galaxy S4 enter and exit Drive Mode easily plus even connect to your car’s Bluetooth automatically.

These are just some examples that provide ways to eliminate the need to manually enter or exit Drive Mode whenever you are entering your leaving your car. There are plenty of other that you can easily find through Google.

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